There're reasons why my nail-dos are sponsored.. posted by

From now on, yes. I AM! HAHAHAHA! I'm telling you now, WHY, i deserve everything good. And now one of the thing that i am proud to say i have, is a sponsorship from Milly's. WHAHAHAHAHA. DIGGIT!!!


This, is what i do at home with CCs, NiaoNiao and my sisters.
None of them cost more than $2 each. They are mostly $1 each.

Even now that i am sponsored to do my nails, i would still do nails for people if they don't hiam. Haha. But i won't be doing my nails anymore~ But i'd still be involved in the mission of making sure nobody, NOBODY goes without nail vanish. Okay. LOL. Guys, can do black, grey or clear at least!!! So no excuses! EVERYBODY!

TWO: I put effort in my entries

This is part of what i blogged for Milly's the last time.

If i am gonna be the only girl who appears on
without Chio Bling Bling nails, i'd rather die.

KayKay's super chio blinged nails.

Xiaxue's ultra blinged nails.
Okay i think she might have did this herself.

But point it, nobody goes on the show with ugly nails!
And i had the audacity to go film Budget Barbie Episode 1 with my DIY nails, with two blings fallen out. Lol, that's the true spirit of budget.

BUT!!! Now I have Milly's Nail to back me up!
Chio not! All done at Milly's
I am gonna be less a loser like this!!! YAY!

We the Milly's Girl, pledge ourselves as one united blogger.
Regardless of readership, language or host,
so as to acheive, chioness, happiness and prosperity for our blogsphere.

We are Milly's girl, We are Milly's Girl~
We will stand together to do our nails~

No, not really, we will sit back and enjoy the great service at Milly's.


L4pinkpetal said...

so pretty! i wish i can get my nails done like that. lol :D

ice-angel said...

Welcome to become one of the Milly Girls!!! Haha got two of the designs you show is my nails!! lol. Guess which.

Qiuting said...

L4pinkpetal Go do at Milly's! I just done mine today. Pretty like mad!!!

Esther!!! CONFIRM LAST PIC is you!!! Your hand lah! I saw it quite a while back on your blog! The other one don't know. Tell me!

ice-angel said...

The first pink one!! That was my first nail extensions. I was reading when suddenly I think "how come those fingers look so familiar?!" Haha

Qiuting said...

Esther, YOU GOOD! The best pictures are those already. Haha! I also add blings on photoshop okay! Lol. Then all of us THE MILLY's GIRL will have sparkling nails~~~

You are also part of my invented pledge okay! LOL.